13 sept. 2013

Galería de Arte #45

'48 Crash' - Suzi Quatro

Well you got the hands of a man and the face of a little boy blue-ue
And when you stand you're so grand there's a case just for looking at you-oo oo-oo
You're so young, you could have been the devil's son
You're so young, but like a hang up I'll be sad when you're old and you're gone

Watch Out!
You know the 48 Crash come like a lightning flash (48 Crash, 48 Crash)
And the 48 Crash is a silk sash bash (48 Crash, 48 Crash)
48 Crash, 48 Crash
Come like a lightning flash, a lightning flash
And it's a silk sash bash, a silk sash bash, that's the 48 Crash

You've got the kind of a mind of a juvenile Romeo-o
And you're so blind you could find that your motor ain't ready to go-o o-o
You're so young, you're a hot shot son of a gun
You're so young, but like a teenage tearaway soon you'll be torn and you'll run